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Age: 51Family: wife, Rose; children, Carl, Laurel, Todd, Blake; 7 grandchildren.

Education: Payson High School, one year at Provo Tech.

Occupation: Construction superintendent\ CITY STATS

Size: Seven miles long and five miles wide.\ Population: nearly 800\ Budget: $120,000\ Number of employees: one full time, three part time

Mayor's salary: $2 per meeting that is donated to a Christmas party fund.

PERSONAL Politics: Republican\ First "real" job: Finishing carpenter and maintenance superintendent.

Management style: "I like to be close to the workers and not heavy into the books. I'm not a desk man."

Why I like being mayor: "I don't. The first time I was mayor was 16 years ago. I like to see my community grow and some people asked me to run for City Council. After two years there was a lot of talk about disincorporation, and I resigned from the council and ran as mayor to stop the disincorporation."

Why I hate being mayor: "I don't really hate it, but I have to make decisions that do not help people but help others. I have to follow a set of rules and sometimes it hurts people."

Recipe for success: Work hard.

A memorable failure: Not having enough funds and time to do what I want for the city.

Heroes: Anybody who has strong convictions and follows what they believe, whether wrong or right.

Leisure: Hunting, camping, yard work, any kind of animals, farming and working.

Favorite book: "I'll just kind of leave that one blank."