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Salt Laker Ray Haeckel was on a tour of the Palm Springs Desert Museum in California last winter when he saw this painting by the artist Gilbert Munger, titled "Longs Peak, Colorado." Wait a minute, thought Haeckel, that's not Colorado. So he wrote to the museum and now, five months later, the Salt Lake Valley and its Wasatch range are getting the credit they deserve. It's not the first case of mistaken identity, says museum curator of art Katherine Hough. When Eastern painters trekked out West after the Civil War, they made lots of pencil sketches of the scenery, then went back home to paint. With all those sketches and all that scenery, sometimes it was hard to keep the places straight. Colorado, Utah, Wyoming . . . after a while it probably all got jumbled up in Munger's mind and files, like slides from a family vacation. Anyway, now that Haeckel, executive director of government, community and public relations at the University of Utah, has set the record straight, the painting will be relabeled when it goes back to its permanent home, the Anschutz Collection in Denver. Probably somewhere near Longs Peak.