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A Hollywood movie company's request to use downtown buildings in a film about Jack Ruby was denied two months after the county reluctantly granted permission for another feature on President Kennedy's assassination.

County commissioners rejected the permit application by Lava Films.

"I wouldn't use the word unfair, but I think this is unfortunate," said Richard Wright, an associate producer for Lava Films, which will ask the commission to reconsider.Lava Films wants to use several buildings, including the former Texas Book Depository, where Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, fired the fatal sniper shots. Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, killed him soon after his arrest.

Two months ago, the commission approved a similar request by director Oliver Stone for his film "JFK," after rejecting his bid at least four times.

The former book depository is now the county administration building and commissioners say filming is too disruptive to daily government business.

Stone recently completed filming along downtown streets and in the depository building. He is being charged $500 a day for not cleaning up and restoring the area by a May 14 deadline, officials said.