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Here are some recent nominations from readers about Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other service:

- Marlene Helland:Helland has been tutoring adults with low reading skills since 1987. She also interviews prospective reading students and has trained other volunteers to do interviewing. She goes out of her way to make monthly checkup calls to tutors. Helland is described as one of those unsung volunteers who is quiet but who does much good in the community.

She is currently showing tremendous patience in working with a handicapped woman.

- Jess Payne:

Payne, 80, is a volunteer every Thursday at the Veterans Hospital and also does volunteer work at the Elks Club.

- John MacDuff:

McDuff conducts art classes for neighborhood senior citizens twice each week. He's described as a wonderful, caring man.

- Don Cleverly:

Cleverly has operated a small service station in Bountiful for many years. Even though he is the only employee and even though it is a self-service station, he still pumps the gas and cleans the windows for ladies who come to his station. He also goes out of his way to help handicapped patrons.

He has also been the person who has called 911 to report some of the many accidents that have happened over the years along the busy highway in front of his service station.

- Betty F. Wilde:

Wilde is in her third year as a weekly volunteer for a first-grade class at Parkview Elementary School. She enthusiastically helps the children learn to read and write stories. She is sensitive to the needs of the children and brings them homemade treats on holidays.

- Melora Hodges:

Hodges is a Brownie troop leader for 21 Bountiful girls. She donates a lot of her time to planning and activities.

- Ted McKowen:

McKowen, West Valley, sings at nursing homes and senior citizen centers. He also donates his time cutting the lawns for those who need help in his neighborhood.

- Jeanne Sedgley:

Sedgley has served as daily volunteer in the West High media Center since retiring from her full-time profession.

- Walt Tyler:

Tyler watches out for the senior citizens in his neighborhood, caring for the ill and keeping yards clean and tidy.

- Paul Jensen:

Jensen, a Magna grocery store manager, provides service that goes the extra mile to customers, especially senior citizens and the handicapped. He has also made sure that those without transportation have a free grocery delivery service available.

- Shelley Burney:

Burney has served on her local PTA and, according to one neighbor, she has gone well beyond the call of duty in her volunteer service to the community.