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Two businesses that sold beer to minors will not be allowed to sell the beverage again until July 4.

The City Council this week suspended the beer licenses of Circle K and Hardy Enterprises until midnight July 3.But Circle K, 458 N. 500 West, and Hardy Enterprises, which runs a Texaco convenience store at 280 W. 500 South, should consider themselves fortunate because one council member wanted to suspend their licenses until after the 4th of July holiday, which usually brings a large number of beer sales.

"I don't feel comfortable selling a lot of alcohol before a holiday when there are a lot of people on the road," said Councilman Les Foy.

But Councilwoman Barbara Holt disagreed, saying, "Our job is to be fair and reasonable, not punitive."

Normally, the city suspends beer licenses for 30 days but shortened the suspension in these instances because of the holiday and because the city prosecutor's office had erred in preparing documents that were to resolve the matter two weeks ago.

According to the complaints against the business, a Circle K clerk sold beer to an underage police operative on Sept. 25 and March 13.

City policy calls for action against the license of any business that sells beer illegally twice in a year.

A Hardy Enterprise clerk sold beer to a minor just once - on March 13 - at the Texaco. But that business was on probation from an earlier violation in which the city declined action because of extenuating circumstances.

Foy eventually voted in favor of suspending the licenses until midnight July 3 but added, "I still feel it's not good to sell beer on a holiday."

Councilman Harold Shafter asked city prosecutor Rusty Mahan to instruct the police to step up supervision of the two businesses during the suspension period.

"In fact, see they're monitored about 11:30 p.m. on (July 3)," Shafter said.