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When you think of Davis County golf courses, the rolling layouts of Valley View, Davis Park and Bountiful City quickly come to mind. In fact, many folks may not know there are more than those three Davis County public courses.

They're forgetting about the oldest Davis County course, the 9-hole West Bountiful Golf Course, built in the mid-1960s.West Bountiful, which was called Spring Meadows for a few years, could be called the ugly sister of the Davis County courses. It's situated on the other side of the tracks, the other side of the freeway, down on the lowlands near the Great Salt Lake. But it doesn't really pretend to be anything else.

"We're definitely aimed more toward beginners, women and senior golfers," says head professional Mike Bicker, who has made great strides with the course in the three years he's been there.

The clubhouse and dining area have been spruced up and subtle changes have been made to the golf course - a sand trap put in here, a tee box moved over there. The course drainage system has improved, although some golfers would have a hard time believing it.

The course has earned the nickname "the sponge," because of the way it holds water. The water table is extremely high and sometimes an hour-long rainstorm can shut the course right down.

The best hole on the course is probably No. 1, a straight-ahead 515-yard par-5, bordered by an out-of-bounds fence on the right and three ponds on the left. A pair of fairway bunkers lurk a little past halfway between the tee and green.

The course has symmetry with three par-5s, three par-4s and three par-3s. Actually, one of the par-5s, No. 9, should be a par-4, at least from the middle tees where it measures just 385 yards. The first two par-3s are extremely short at 121 and 123 yards from the middle tees.

The overall length of 2,764 yards is short for a par-36 course, and even from the blue tees, it doesn't reach 3,000 yards. However, it isn't an easy scoring course, thanks to some of the smallest greens in the state. The winning score at last year's West Bountiful Amateur was just a 67.

West Bountiful has one of the nicer driving ranges around, long enough for woods and plenty wide for those errant shots. The range is situated between the third and ninth holes, but don't worry. The fences are high enough to keep you from getting bonked on the head.

Just last week, plans were announced to expand the course to 18 holes in 1993. The nine new holes will be south of the existing nine and Bicker promises that the new holes will be in character with the others, although a little more interesting. There are also long-range plans to improve the present nine.


GRAPHIC\ West Bountiful Golf Course

Hole Par Yards*

1 5 515

2 3 121

3 5 495

4 4 318

5 3 123

6 4 317

7 3 155

8 4 335

9 5 385

__________________ TOTAL 36 2764

Difficulty **

Layout/Scenery *

Enjoyability Index **

(5=highest rating, 0=lowest)

Location: 1201 N. 1100 West, West Bountiful

Head Professional: Mike Bicker

Cost: $6/$12, Carts $7/$14, Range $2/$3

Reservations: Call 295-1019, Mon for Tues-Wed-Thu-Fri, Thu for Sat-Sun-Mon

Easiest time to get on: Weekdays 10:00 -2:00

Course Record: Mike Bicker 30 (Unofficial)