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Volunteers and staff members were honored for their work in mental health and alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Davis County at a volunteer and staff recognition banquet held by the boards of Davis County Mental Health and Davis County Alcoholism, Drug and Mental Health Services.

The Eva Hancock Award for mental health volunteers went to Bonnie Durbano and the Seth Blood Award for alcohol and drug volunteers went to James H. Day.Durbano has been a member of the Davis Mental Health board of trustees since 1982 and has been active at the county, state, and national levels in advocating for mental health services and fund raising.

Day was instrumental in organizing alcohol and drug abuse services in the county and is one of the original incorporators of the alcoholism, drug, and mental health service's board.

Volunteers donated 2,073 hours of service to the agency in 1990.

Other volunteers also honored are: Steve Smith, outgoing board of trustees member; Mary Ellen Leatham, outgoing board chairwoman; Stephanie Card, Cristal Stringfellow, and Jonathan White, Teen Line volunteers; Erin Berrett and Jim Howard, Peer Support volunteers; Lindy Schultz, Chontel Armstrong, and Jason Finder, Youth Substance Abuse volunteers; and David Taylor, Families in Action.

Among full-time staff members, Dr. Thomas Pritt was named Clinician of the Year, and Janet Weis, an administrative assistant, was selected by her colleagues as Employee of the Year.