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The Davis County Commission has accepted a bid for construction of curbs, gutters and sidewalks along a two-block stretch of Davis Boulevard, along with bids for culvert improvements at Ricks Creek in Centerville.

But other bids for improvements on the Ricks Creek flood control project were rejected as too high, and the project will be redesigned to bring it more into budget.The commission approved a low bid of $31,500 by Eddie Shaw Construction for the installation of the curbs, gutters and sidewalks between 3100 South and 3300 South on Davis Boulevard.

After that portion of the project is done, the street will be paved this summer and finally opened to the public, county public works director Sid Smith said.

With the road opened, probably around August, the county can sell residential lots it developed along the two-block stretch of land it had to acquire to build the road.

The county is anxious to sell the lots, Commission Chairman Gayle Stevenson said, to recoup some of the money spent on the road's construction.

The commissioners accepted a low bid of $33,100 to line a portion of the Ricks Creek Channel and another bid of $43,300 to build an inlet structure to control the creek flow.

But bids on the culvert crossing, which came in higher than the county's estimate, were rejected, pending a redesign of the project.