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The City Council has adopted a budget that, according to City Manager Bret Wahlen, is a lean financial plan slightly smaller than last year's.

He said the city wanted to increase only necessary expenditures. The budget contains no increases in user fees for next year. Water and garbage fees remain stable and the city still won't adopt utility taxes that are used by many cities.However, Wahlen said, the city's certified tax rate has been dropping the past few years, and the city is making an effort to restore it to its 1986 rate.

Included in the new budget will be a new detectives vehicle, a full-time court clerk position, a new breath analyzer for the police department, the removal of an old fuel storage tank and new landscaping at city offices.

The city also has plans for refurbishing tennis courts and restrooms at City Hall Park, a beautification project on the I-15 frontage road, water improvement projects totaling $400,000, $150,000 worth of road projects and the creating of a storm drain master plan.


(Additional information)

Woods Cross budget

'91-'92 '90-'91

General fund $1,138,391 $1,171,231

Main expenditures

Police $361,355 $333,772

Fire $117,841 $107,093

Main revenues

Property taxes $155,000


Sales taxes $780,000 $800,000

Franchise taxes $2,000 $1,800

Tax/fee hike: None proposed