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A concert by Chris LeDoux, a country-western singer, will be the latest addition to the Ute Stampede celebration in July.

Bart Sperry, marketing representative for K92 Country (K92.7 FM), Nephi's new radio station, told county commissioners the radio station will sponsor the concert following the Friday rodeo on July 12.Sperry, acting for owners Charles Hall and Bob Davis, asked commissioners if they would help the station by allowing county workers to compact the sand inside the large metal building where the county fair sheep and cattle showing contests are held.

If the sand were packed, said Sperry, it would allow the radio station to bring in more seating for the concert.

Following the concert, the sand could be plowed once again so it could be used for horse shows again.

"We haven't advertised a time for the concert," said Sperry. "We will begin following the rodeo."