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WSU RECEIVED $2,764,575

Donations of cash and in-kind gifts to Weber State University last year reached the second-highest level in the institution's history.

Weber State received contributions of $2,764,575 in 1990, only some $400,000 short of the all-time high recorded in 1989."Private contributions are essential to Weber State," said President Paul H. Thompson. "State appropriations cover our basic costs, but the extra edge of excellence that is this institution's hallmark is made possible by private donations."

Nearly $1.1 million in contributions were earmarked for academic support, according to a development office report. Scholarship funds received $908,586, while donations for general use totaled $348,455. Non-student programs received $308,069; donations to plant operations amounted to $59,429; student services received $36,043; and funds for other categories totaled $10,420.

Donations came from foundations, businesses and corporations, alumni, friends of the university, clubs and organizations.