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The growing popularity of in-line rollerskates has prompted two Salt Lake City residents to ask that the blades be banned from the streets.

In a letter to Salt Lake County commissioners, Robert and Margery Ward, 1880 S. Woodside Drive, asked for an ordinance banning the blades and skateboards from streets. They contest those using in-line skates use the road as "their skating rink." The letter also said they have little or no control when skating, and the Wards feel "bladers" pose a hazard to themselves and to motorists.County commissioners met Wednesday morning and discussed the issue, but didn't come to any conclusions. Commissioner Mike Stewart said he doesn't "feel it is in our interest to get into the roller blading issue."

He said the ideal place for those using in-line skates and and skateboards is sidewalks and parks; areas where cars don't have access. "This is an ongoing issue, and we can't convenience everyone's roller blading preferences," Stewart said.

The commissioners referred the matter to the county's Health Department and to William Hyde, the county's civil division attorney. The commission will wait for their input before making a final decision.

Hyde said commissioners could pass an ordinance restricting in-line skates and skateboarders from skating in the streets. He thinks Salt Lake City may already have an ordinance prohibiting such activities on certain streets.