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President Bush is turning up the heat on the Democrat-controlled Congress to pass his domestic agenda quickly, beginning with major anti-crime and transportation legislation.

The popular president marked his 67th birthday Wednesday on the White House South Lawn with an evening address that rebuked the House and Senate for failing to pass the crime and highway bills within 100 days."I thought 100 days was fairly reasonable. I wasn't asking Congress to deliver a hot pizza in less than 30 minutes," Bush told 2,000 invited guests, ranging from legislators and law-enforcement officers to educators and community volunteers.

"If 100 days are not enough, let me ask rhetorically, how many are?" the president said. "I'll keep working with Congress. My hand remains extended."

The president stressed that the key to the United States' future is the American people, working with a free market and a "government of compassion and competence."

Bush, accused by Democrats of neglecting domestic problems, offered no new initiatives, though. Instead, he provided his view of "the shared strength and promise of America," and called on Americans to fulfill it.