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Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev has been invited to meet with leaders of the seven top industrialized nations after their summit in London next month, Prime Minister John Major said Thursday.

Gorbachev had been lobbying for months to be invited to the Group of Seven summit. He wants their financial help for the Soviet Union's efforts to transform from a centrally planned to a market economy.Major told the House of Commons the formal invitation was issued after consultations with the other members of the Group of Seven.

He said he also invited Gorbachev to remain after the summit for discussions with British officials.

The invitation followed weeks of negotiations among President Bush, Major and the other leaders of the Group of Seven nations on how to respond to Gorbachev's desire to participate in the July 15-17 summit.

Western leaders have been cautious in promising extensive loans to the Soviets. But Bush agreed Tuesday to grant the Soviets $1.5 billion in credits to buy U.S. grain.