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A 17-year-old Riverdale youth drowned in Pineview Reservoir when he apparently swam out too far and couldn't get back to shore.

Weber County Sheriff's Department divers located the body of David Phillip Sim in about 8 feet of water some 75 feet from shore and only yards from a ring of buoys he could have clung to if he'd reached them.Weber County Sheriff Craig Dearden said Sim was at the Cemetery Point beach with four friends from the Ogden area Tuesday afternoon. The five were swimming in the lake south of the beach.

"One of them started out and swam out 100 feet or so and came back, and he (Sim) decided he was going to do it, too," Dearden said.

Sim made it out about 100 feet, then started back, Dearden said. Sim's companions said "he looked like he became tired because he started doing the backstroke."

When Sim failed to make it to shore the others swam out, looked for him, then called rescuers.