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The Utah Farm Bureau Federation isn't looking for a fight with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But C. Booth Wallentine, executive vice president of the federation, is unhappy about the message the crime-fighting cartoon characters deliver in their new book, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ABC's for a Better Environment.""We have a real problem with the misinformation about agriculture that is spread throughout it. It is just filled with half-truths and theories simply not founded on good science," he said.

The Farm Bureau wants the book banned from Utah's schools and libraries because of the message, not the turtles.

"My grandchildren would be very upset if we tried to call for a ban on them," he said.

One of the disputed sections in the 32-page book is under "M is for Meat." It states that farm animals are often injected with hormones that can cause cancer. It also says cattle expel methane, a gas that has been linked to global climate change.

"What can you do?" asks Donatello, one of the turtles. "How about not eating so much meat in the first place? And ask your folks to buy meat from organically raised beef cattle."

Wallentine said there is no evidence that growth hormones injected into farm animals cause cancer in either humans or the animals themselves.