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Davis County's new $19.5 million justice complex in west Farmington will be dedicated in a double ceremony Monday afternoon, nearly 18 months after county officials broke ground.

The complex, 800 W. State in Farmington, includes a 360-bed jail, the Sheriff's Department administrative offices, district and domestic relations courtrooms, and the offices of the court clerk and county attorney.Dedication of the district courts will lead off the program at 4:30 p.m. The main speaker is Judge Richard C. Howe, associate chief justice of the Utah Supreme Court.

Also speaking will be William C. Vickery, state court administrator, and the two 2nd District judges for Davis County who occupy the new courtrooms, Rodney S. Page and Douglas L Cornaby.

That portion of the dedication ceremony will be conducted inside the complex, in one of the courtrooms. It will be followed by an open house.

At 6:30 p.m., county officials will hold their dedication. The ceremony, conducted by commission chairman Gayle Stevenson, will be held in the covered walkway area between the court building and the sheriff's complex.

Speakers at that portion include Stevenson and Commissioner J. Dell Holbrook; Sheriff Glenn Clary; Judge Page; and County Attorney Mel Wilson.

Formal dedication of the complex will be done by Milton J. Hess, who served as county attorney for 18 years and conducted the dedication service of the current county courthouse in downtown Farmington on June 17, 1958, 33 years to the day before the dedication of the new complex.

Following the dedication, refreshments will be served, and the entire complex will be open for public tours. Stevenson is stressing that the public is invited to the ceremonies.

"We'd like the public to attend and see the facilities. We're proud of them, and we think they'll serve the public's needs for the foreseeable future," Stevenson said. "We'd like everyone to come out and take a look at it."

On Tuesday, the day after the dedication, corrections officers in the new jail will review final procedures for handling inmates and general jail operations. Inmates will be transferred into the facility beginning Wednesday.