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A disbarred attorney ordered to pay a Salt Lake widow $55,000 for allegedly mishandling her bankruptcy case is suing to get back $6,500 interest paid to her.

J. Richard Calder claims he does not owe interest to Reta Job on a judgment a state court assessed him in 1986.Job was not paid the money until October 1990, after U.S. District Judge David Sam said any additional delays resulting from Calder's appeals involving the judgment were "unwarranted."

The woman's husband, Dennis Job, who had brought the original complaint, did not live to collect on the judgment. He died in February 1990 while awaiting a heart transplant.

Calder filed suit in U.S. District Court Tuesday naming Reta Job and her lawyers from the firm of Fabian and Clendenin, who say they took Job's case without charging attorneys' fees.

"Mr. Calder has brought other actions against the judgment, her former attorneys and us," said attorney Douglas Payne. "It's disappointing because Mrs. Job has been involved in litigation since 1984, essentially over the same dispute."