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The Utah Education Association honored two businesses and three individuals Thursday night for their contributions to public schools.

The IBM Corp., WICAT, Rep. Grant Protzman, D-Ogden, and Sen. Scott Howell, D-Salt Lake, received the UEA's "honor roll" award for contributions to education. The Rev. France Davis of the Calvary Baptist Church received the Charles E. Bennett Award for Human and Civil Rights.IBM was honored for its pledge of $13 million in hardware, service and grants to the schools. WICAT, Orem, was praised for pioneering development of high-tech courseware for the schools and contributions to the technology initiative.

Protzman was recognized for his efforts in behalf of special education and the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Howell was honored for continually focusing on what legislative actions would mean to students in Utah.

Davis was honored for his program that helps children succeed in school by pairing them with role models and by counseling their parents.