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When Charles L. Johnson leaves Utah July 2, the president of the United Way of the Great Salt Lake Area will leave behind significant accomplishments in health and human services programs in the community.

Johnson, who has worked with the Salt Lake United Way for 16 years, has been named executive director of the United Way of Bucks County, Penn.His ability to listen to and follow the wisdom of community volunteers helped Johnson develop an organization whose purpose is to encourage people to come to a common table, discuss community needs, explore ideas and implement solutions.

"The Salt Lake United Way began as a fund-raising organization and has developed into an information source for the entire community. Collaboration among the donors, volunteers, direct-service agencies and public and private sectors is occurring," Johnson said. "These growing relationships strengthen our community's ability to meet Salt Lake's changing needs more effectively and responsibly."

Under Johnson's leadership, the United Way has achieved three consecutive years of record-breaking fund raising, allowing more money to reach needy people in more diverse and immediate ways.

Johnson also helped establish a United Way Planned Giving Program, a long-term financial planning service that benefits the donor, his family and the entire community.

The Salt Lake United Way, one of 2,400 independently operated United Ways in the United States, is a full-service agency, providing professional management assistance to non-profit organizations, operating a gifts-in-kind program to organize private and corporate gifts, researching community needs and solving community problems.

"Problems or needs existing in Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago also exist in Salt Lake City. Although we experience similar problems of equal intensity, they are fewer in number," Johnson said. "Right now, Salt Lake has a window of opportunity to control the growth of these problems. If the community desire is strong and action is taken, we can confront these challenges."

The United Way Board of Directors will conduct a search for a new president.