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Surplus medical equipment donated by Intermountain Health Care in Salt Lake City was recently shipped by the Church to health-care facilities in the Mexico City area.

In addition to shipping the IHC donation, the Church sent medical supplies, including masks and rubber gloves, donated by Deseret Medical in Salt Lake City.The supplies were distributed to health-care facilities in Mexico by World PVO, a non-profit umbrella organization that serves as a facilitator between the United States and Mexican communities.

Several hundred items were sent with the shipment, including medical carts, examination tables, beds, phototherapy lamps, monitors, oxygen stands, stretchers, file cabinets, typewriters and a whirlpool bath.

The whirlpool will be placed in a rehabilitation center in Mexico City operated by the Mexican Red Cross, one of few centers of its kind in the country, according to Isaac "Ike" Ferguson, director of Church Humanitarian Services. "That particular piece of equipment is going to be a tremendous help rehabilitating young people with orthopedic problems," Brother Ferguson noted. "Many communities in Mexico have sparse medical facilities, and all of the items will be a tremendous help. We are grateful for the donations and happy to assist with the shipping and distribution."

"Intermountain Health Care is very appreciative to the LDS Church for providing transportation to deliver this needed medical equipment," said Steven D. Kohlert, IHC senior vice president. "It is our hope that the result of this teamwork will be better medical care for the people of Mexico. As two institutions dedicated to helping our fellow man, we are pleased we can work in conjunction on a project such as this."