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A Weber State University student was ordered to spend 12 days in jail for pleading guilty to making harassing phone calls to the widow of a Hill Air Force Base pilot killed in Saudi Arabia.

Eric Christensen, 19, Ogden, was sentenced Wednesday by South Ogden City Judge Michael D. Lyon, who also put the defendant on six months probation, fined him $350 and ordered him to undergo therapy and attend meetings of Sexaholic Anonymous.Last month, Christensen entered a guilty plea to a Class B misdemeanor count of telephone harassment. He was arrested after April Chinburg reported to police that she was receiving harassing telephone calls following her husband's death. Her line was tapped and traced to Christensen's home.

Chinburg was married to Capt. Michael Chinburg, who was killed in a Jan. 8 crash during a training mission in Saudi Arabia before the gulf war broke out.

"I apologize for the trouble I've caused to the victim," Christensen told the judge.

Defense attorney Paul Colton told the judge that his client felt remorse for what he did. "It's one of those unfortunate things," said the attorney.

Colton said Christensen was close to graduating from WSU and that his client planned to continue his education by working on a master's degree. He also said his client was in therapy. "This seems to be out of character," said Colton.

The judge sentenced Christensen to 90 days in jail but suspended all but 12 days. He also told the defendant that if he behaved himself in the Weber County Jail, he would let him out in six days.

"You could destroy a very productive life," said Lyon.

The judge said he understood Christensen was remorseful and recognized the "pain and emotional trauma" he had caused Chinburg.

However, the judge told Christensen that if he had any problems with the law, or violated any terms of his probation, he would make the defendant serve the full 90 days in jail.