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Two former Millard County deputy sheriffs, convicted of misconduct, have been fined by a 4th Circuit Court Judge.

Glen Quarnberg, 43, and David A. Allen, were fined $400 and $200 respectively, and placed on 18 months probation by Judge John Backlund Friday. The judge stayed the jail sentences, but ordered the men to complete 200 hours of community service for each count.The men had pleaded guilty to two counts each of class B misdemeanor official misconduct.

Quarnberg, who was fired in April, allegedly allowed inmate Janese Carter to have conjugal visits with her husband, former Wendover police chief June Carter, between April 5 and Aug. 12, 1990.

Janese Carter, 30, a former Wendover police officer sentenced to up to 16 years in prison for selling drugs stolen from the police evidence room, was temporarily housed at the Millard County Jail.

The incident occurred during a visit by her 35-year-old husband before he was sentenced to up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

Original charges alleged Quarnberg fondled another female inmate and encouraged two inmates who were not married to engage in sexual intercourse.

Allen was initially charged with two counts of lewdness for fondling two female inmates, one in the jail's booking area and the other in a cell. He was also charged with official misconduct for removing female inmates from their cells to perform lewd acts with them.

Backlund sentenced both men to six months in jail and fined them $1,000 for each count. He suspended the jail sentences and reduced the fines.