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Dr. Pravin Thakkar is spending his first weekend in jail pending his sentencing next month for performing abortions on two former girlfriends against their will and trying to perform one on a third ex-lover.

The physician surprised prosecutors by not contesting their demand that he be jailed pending his July 31 sentencing in Madison Circuit Court.Thakkar, 40, could face 40 years in prison and a $30,000 fine for his crimes.

Prosecutors asked Judge Frederick Spencer to jail him based on information they said indicated he might try to flee the country after his conviction Wednesday.

One of Thakkar's lawyers, Jeffrey A. Lockwood, said the doctor decided not to fight immediate confinement so as to dispel rumors he might flee. He had been free on $100,000 bond.

A jury Wednesday declared Thakkar guilty of all seven felony counts against him, including the abortions and the attempted abortion, all without consent. There was testimony he fathered at least two of the fetuses. The other convictions were on two counts each of battery and criminal recklessness.

Watching Friday's proceedings were Carmen Singer of Anderson and Bonnie Coffey-Myers, 33, of Indianapolis. Singer lost her 8-month-old fetus in October 1983. Coffey-Myers suffered an attempted abortion.

Singer expressed relief at Thakkar's jailing.

Prosecutor William Lawler said that to support his plea for immediate jailing, he was prepared to remind the judge that Singer's sister testified about overhearing Thakkar make death threats against Singer nearly eight years ago.