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Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev accepted a British invitation to meet with leaders of seven industrial nations in July in London, the Tass agency said.

It said British Ambassador Roderick Braithwaite handed the invitation from Prime Minister John Major to Gorbachev when they met in the Kremlin."The president of the Soviet Union accepted the invitation with satisfaction," the official Tass news agency said.

Tass did not specifically say Gorbachev was invited to the G7 economic summit in London from July 15-17, only that he would meet with G7 leaders. It was reported earlier that Gorbachev was invited to meet with the leaders after the summit ended.

The G7 groups the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Canada. It was up to Britain, as the host, to extend the invitation.

Tass said the official invitation was to meet "the heads of the state" of the seven industrial nations who will gather in London in mid-July.

The invitation caps a monthlong campaign of Gorbachev to be invited to the conclave to state the Soviet case for aid to ensure that perestroika will suurvive.

At his Nobel Peace Prize lecture in Oslo this month, Gorbachev said the Soviet Union is "entitled" to large-scale aid because perestroika is the concern of the entire world, not just of the Soviet Union.

Although Gorbachev has spoken of "new forms of cooperation," he has also said that $100 billion would be a price worth paying to ensure that perestroika succeeds.

President Bush indicated Friday he was not about to OK enormous financial aid until he sees a thorough Soviet blueprint that indicates it is serious about economic reform.

"The reforms have to be detailed before a blank check is written," he said. He said the United States too has big problems, requiring money be spent at home as the first concern.