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Three people were seriously injured Saturday when a car pulled onto State Street, sideswiped their four-wheel-drive vehicle, causing it to roll, and then fled the scene.

Shelly Parks, 36, is in serious, unstable condition after being flown to University Hospital with a partially severed right hand. Angela Seegar, 13, was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center with a crushed left wrist and hand. She is in good condition.The uninjured driver, Karen Smith, 35, and a passenger, Arthur Larson, 21, were transported to St. Mark's Hospital. Larson suffered injuries to his neck and leg.

Murray Police Officer Loren Gibbs said police arrested late Saturday a man who police believe was the driver of the other car.

A two-tone blue El Camino pulled into the south flow of traffic from Broche's Bar, Murray Police Lt. Dee Rowland said, at about 4200 S. State. The suspect vehicle sideswiped the four-wheel-drive vehicle on the passenger side.

Smith told police she could not keep control of the vehicle after her right front wheel was hit, Rowland said. Her car crossed two lanes of traffic and flipped, landing upside down at the corner of Fireclay (4295 South) and State streets.

All passengers were wearing seat belts in the convertible vehicle, Rowland said. Officers at the scene said they suspected that Parks and Seegar suffered hand injuries because they were either grabbing for the roll bar or had been resting their hands on the bar.

Rowland said witnesses to the accident obtained the license number of the suspect vehicle.