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Poland's parliament approved a new law Saturday to regulate the country's first free legislative elections since World War II but failed to satisfy the demands of President Lech Walesa.

The Sejm (lower house) overwhelmingly approved the law for an October poll that was rushed through in just two days after Walesa vetoed an earlier draft.But Walesa's aides said the president was still not satisfied because he feared the new proposals would favor minor political groupings and lead to a fragmented parliament.

He repeated his earlier threat to "use all his constitutional powers" - in other words, to dissolve parliament - unless his requirements were met.

"If sham changes are introduced to the bill, the president says he will present his own draft, on the basis of which he will conduct the elections," said Walesa's spokesman, Andrzej Drzycimski.

"If the Sejm refuses to cooperate, he will fulfill the promise he made publicly to the nation and he stresses with full force that he will carry it out using all his constitutional powers."