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Tackle the tongue-twister names and swallow some fascinating flavors in cheese:

- Asiago: A semisoft, fresh buttery cheese when young, but becomes harder in texture and sharper in flavor as it ripens. Asiago is light yellow in color and is shaped into small wheels which may be coated with paraffin.- Bel Paese: Creamy cheese with a mild and slightly tart fruity flavor. Its soft, smooth interior is pale yellow and is spotted with small irregular holes. It is shaped into thick disks that are often cut into wedges.

- Gorgonzola: Italian, blue-veined, mild-flavored cheese.

- Edam: The flavor of Edam is nutty and mild and sharpens with age. This semi-firm cheese is less creamy and slightly lower in fat than Gouda, which allows it to be shaped in grapefruit-size spheres. A red wax coating covers its pale gold interior.

- Feta: Tangy and rich, this salty cheese is a favorite in Greek cooking. It is white in color and has a very soft and flaky texture.

- Neufchatel: Soft, smooth and creamy, Neufchatel is similar to cream cheese, but it contains less fat and fewer calories. It may be cured or uncured and is usually sold in foil-wrapped rectangles.

- Port du Salut: Has a creamy yellow interior and an orange-colored rind. It is shaped in thick cylinders and has a smooth and savory flavor.