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The complaints stuffed into the suggestion box at the Salt Lake County clerk's office usually object to the same thing: The $30 marriage license is too expensive.

"You can't believe how many complaints we get from couples about the license being a revenue collector for the county," said County Clerk Sherrie Swensen.She sympathizes with the couples, but she has no control over the price.

The fee is set by state law, and the county only keeps $10. "That doesn't even come close to covering the costs for the license, recording it and putting it on microfilm," Swensen said.

The other $20 goes to a special state fund for displaced homemakers, women who are suddenly displaced from their roles as homemakers because of separation, divorce, disability or death. The 1986 Legislature passed the law that authorized funding of an education and training program for displaced homemakers by assessing the $20 fee on marriage licenses.