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Alta View Hospital-

CLEGG, Benjamin and Janet, Provo, girl.

DEA, Carrie, Sandy, boy.

DUESSLER, Marc and Randi, Sandy, boy.

HARRISON, Danielle and BUSHNELL, Byron, Taylorsville, boy.

HATHAWAY, Richard and Deborah, Sandy, girl.

MOORE, Cameron Sr. and Tina, Heber City, boy.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

ANDERSON, Barry and Tina, Salt Lake City, girl.

ANDERSON, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, girl.

FISCHER, Craig and Tonya, West Jordan, girl.

FRANCIS, Jay and Lee Ann, boy.

HANDLEY, Keith and Robyn, boy.

HENDRIKSEN, Elaine, West Valley City, girl.

JAMESON, Tonett and Richard, Sandy, girl.

KIMBERLIN, Derrick and Doreen, boy.

KING, Tracy and Denise, Riverton, girl.

KROLL, Randy and Wendy, girl.

LAPIC, John and Linda, boy.

RUSELER, Chad and Shannon, girl.

SCHUYLER, Dan and Tobbin, boy.

STAKER, Brad and Janet, boy.

WILLIAMS, Amber and ALIRES, Shane, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BARBER, Lonnie and Shannon, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

JONES, William A. and Brenda, Salt Lake City, twin boys.

KIMBALL, Raelyn and Brent Griffith, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEAVITT, Clair and Shanna, Clinton, boy.

MICHELSEN, Thomas and Christine, West Jordan, girl.

RODRIQUEZ, Rodrigo and Leticia, boy.

SMITH, Jeffrey and Jannae, Salt Lake City, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BAKER, Blayne and Kimberly, Sandy, girl

CHEN, Kuan and Jen-Hwa, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

CHRISTENSEN, Robin and Julie, Magna, girl.

CROWN, Warren Robert and Tami Jo, West Jordan, boy.

DODGE, David and Ronda, West Valley City, boy.

DURRANT, Ronald and Eva, West Jordan, boy.

KIRKLAND, Jeffrey and Sheryl, West Valley City, girl.

McLAUGHLIN, Dr. Nancy and Thomas, Salt Lake City, boy.

MORRISON, Phil and Tonya, Riverton, girl.

OSMAN, Michael and Kari, Sandy, boy.

PAINTER, Lange and Marie, Murray, boy.

PRICE, Paul and Diana, Salt Lake City, boy.

VIGIL, Marlo and Darlene, West Valley City, girl.

WILLNOW, Ross and Christine, Salt Lake City, boy.