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Japan's Mount Unzen volcano, believed to have killed nearly 40 people in Japan's deadliest volcano disaster in almost 200 years, spewed ashes and lava Monday in new eruptions.

Several small eruptions from the volcano - located 600 miles southwest of Tokyo - sent hot gas and ash into the air, covering some residential areas with thin layers of windborn ash, Meteorological Agency officials said.There were signs of lava seeping from the peak of the volcano, and several small tremors were recorded, they said.$

Authorities said 35 people, including an American researcher and a French couple, were confirmed dead as a result of the first giant eruption June 3, which sent avalanches of super-heated gas and rocks down the side of the mountain at speeds of up to 60 mph.

Four people remained missing, but their families had given up hope of their recovery and had already conducted funeral services for them, bringing the total of those believed dead to 39, authorities said.

Meteorological Agency officials advised residents to remain cautious, and that there is danger of more major eruptions.

Authorities said that 1,846 people remained in evacuation shelters in Shimabara, a city of 44,000 people on the side of the volcano.