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Smoldering hot spots from a fire that destroyed an abandoned warehouse Saturday at 594 W. 200 South forced a squad of Salt Lake firefighters on Sunday to douse the building with water a second time.

Battalion Chief Don Hill said the old structure had been declared a loss following Saturday's fire, so the second blaze caused no further damage. However, the stubborn hot spots kept firefighters busy Sunday afternoon."There was a subfloor of some kind under the main floor that started to burn. We think it's just left over from yesterday," Hill said.

Firefighters were summoned to the old Market Building warehouse shortly after 2 p.m., when witnesses nearby noticed smoke billowing from the scorched structure. To extinguish the blaze, fire crews had to rip the floor out of the main part of the building and flood the subfloor with water.

The building was gutted by fire Saturday afternoon. Investigators suspect that transients may have been living in the building and accidently started the fire while cooking.

Hill said no one was injured in the fire or while fighting it. No damage estimate was available.