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At least one state legislator anticipates Salt Lake City's loss of the 1998 Winter Games will raise more questions about the use of $56 million in tax money for construction of winter sports facilities."It was, I think, a Herculean effort, but they didn't get it. So the biggest question is, `What about all these facilities we're building? Who's going to pay for all the upkeep now there's no endowment?' " said Rep. Kurt Oscarson, D-Sandy.

Oscarson asked the legislative auditor's office in February to look into a list of concerns raised about the Utah Sports Authority, which will build the winter sports facilities. Among the concerns were whether "good ol' boys or friends" were being given contracts by the Sports Authority.

His request was denied after Sen. Lane Beattie, R-Bountiful, said there was no purpose for the audit "other than publicity."

"This is going to be one interesting Sports Authority meeting that we'll be having in a week or two. It could probably be like a wake," Oscarson said. "I feel bad. I always wanted the Olympics, but sometimes people get running a little roughshod on things."

The meeting is scheduled on June 26.