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The legendary German actress Marlene Dietrich never misses a Robert Redford film but would rather read than see her old movies again.

Asked what she watches, Dietrich, 89, told the weekly news magazine Der Spiegel in a rare interview:

"There are so few really good films. Robert Redford films always. My own - never. Why bother? I'd rather read."

Dietrich, who epitomized glamour and sex appeal for more than half a century, said she counted old Hollywood colleague and former President Ronald Reagan among her closest friends.

She denied living like a recluse in her Paris apartment off the Champs Elysees, saying she traveled often but made sure she was not noticed.

She had no desire to return to her native Berlin, not even after Germany had united. "I have no friends or aquaintances there, so no reason for such a trip."

Dietrich, who turned down Adolf Hitler's plea to return from Hollywood in the 1930s and sang as a U.S. citizen for American soldiers during World War II, played down the cool femme fatale image she polished in over 30 films.

"I've read so much nonsense about myself. Kenneth Tynan said the most intelligent thing about me "She has sex but no particular gender,"' she said, adding later: "Don't confuse the actor with the part."

Dietrich answered the magazine's written questions by telephone, sometimes in French, sometimes in a Berlin dialect.