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The man who was grazed by a stray bullet fired into a group of volunteers working with former President Jimmy Carter to build homes for the poor said late Monday he was fine.

"I got a little nick on my head," said Pat Morris of Miami Beach. The bullet, fired from a passing car, knocked a baseball cap off Morris' head and left a red 11/2-inch scrape on the top of his scalp. He was treated at the scene.Morris was working with about 400 volunteers who were building homes in Miami's Liberty City neighborhood. He had been preparing food in a lunch tent when the shots were fired. The project was sponsored by the Georgia group Habitat for Humanity.

Carter, 66, and his wife, Rosalynn, were working about a block away, police said. The former president said the incident was "unfortunate."

"There was no harm done and I think that in the future the community will be much more at ease knowing that they can have good housing and people can work together," Carter said.

Witnesses said they saw one car chasing another, and heard three or four gunshots. The bullets were intended for the occupants of one of the cars, police said.

"It was not something directed at the site or the people here at the site. Two vehicles totally uninvolved in this project were shooting at each other," said Metro-Dade County police Major Jim Brown.