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Sugar House Chamber of Commerce President Lester G. Reese said he will retire Sept. 14.

Reese joined the chamber staff as executive vice president in January 1989 and became president the following October.A spokesman said that under his tenure the chamber was active in the beautification and revitalization of the Sugar House area.

The Sugar House Center shopping complex is under construction with a scheduled October opening. Tenants are scheduled to include ShopKo, The Red Lobster, The Olive Garden, Toys-R-Us, Nordstrom Rack and a Cinemark 8-plex movie theater.

Reese grew up in Sugar House, graduated from the University of Utah and spent 35 years with J.C. Penney Co. He returned to Sugar House in 1969 to manage the Penney's store there until his retirement from the company.

"A lot of work with wonderful people has been done over the years to revitalize Sugar House," said Reese. "It as been a pleasure working with all of the chamber members, the Community Council, city officials, developers and others."