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Roosevelt has adopted a $1.6 million budget for the 1991-92 fiscal year. The budget maintains current service levels while holding the line on expenses and leaving tax rates unchanged.The final budget approved this week by the City Council shows a surplus of $30,000. A tentative budget prepared earlier projected just $344 in extra revenue. "On the fiscal budget, we've got a little more of a cushion if our revenues come in as expected. We'll just continue on as we have been and see how the year comes out," said City Administrator Brad Hancock.

No single department will see large increases or decreases in funding, he said. "We want to maintain our basic services as we have done during the past couple of years in all departments. Our department heads are really great to work with in this respect."

The brightest spot in the city's fiscal 1991-92 budget is a projected increase in sales tax revenue.