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Tropicana Twister Light is a low-calorie fruit juice drink with NutraSweet. The 46-fluid-ounce bottle retails for $1.89 and comes in pink grapefruit, orange cranberry, orange strawberry banana and orange raspberry flavors.

Kay Hadley: "We tried the pink grapefruit juice and cocktail and found it to taste very much like fresh grapefruit. In fact, if you were not fully awake before drinking it, you certainly would be afterward. It was too strong and sour for us to enjoy alone, but when mixed with a lemon-lime carbonated drink, we felt it was quite refreshing. We use very few NutraSweet products and I'm not sure we would purchase it again."Don Russell: "We liked the pleasant, tangy blend of Tropicana's orange cranberry. Considering that this is a low-calorie beverage, Tropicana has a fruity and satisfying flavor despite the the ubiquitous NutraSweet taste. The price seems a little high since this product is more like punch than pure fruit juice."

Doris Wilding: "We loved this. My kids thought it was wonderful. We drink a lot of juices at our house because we seldom buy soda pop. The price was OK and the juice was tangy. We'll buy this again."

Judy Slack: "The raspberry and orange was just delicious! I can hardly wait to get some more. It was really good."

Edyth Jensen: "We tried the raspberry and orange flavor and enjoyed it. The combination of juice is quite different, but it is a refreshing juice. We will probably use it again, but only for a special occasion."

Linda C. Tingey: "I didn't care for the grapefruit juice. I have had the other flavors and loved them, but nix on the grapefruit. It's got pucker power!"

Conclusion: This fruit drink scored a direct hit with our testers. But, beware! The pink grapefruit is for sourpusses!