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The FBI and police launched a massive manhunt Monday for the killer of four unarmed bank guards as investigators speculated that the gunman had an accomplice working at the bank.

Between 40 and 50 agents and homicide detectives were paired off to investigate Sunday's robbery and slayings at the United Bank of Denver.The bank offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to conviction of the killer.

Bob Pence, head of the Denver FBI office, and Police Chief Aristedes Zavaras said they would take the unusual step of personally reviewing the daily progress reports of their investigators.

"We don't want any wasted effort," Pence said. "We don't want any duplicated effort."

Investigators spent Monday talking to dozens of witnesses, including current and former bank employees. They also interviewed people who may have been near the downtown bank Sunday morning when the silver-haired gunman escaped with an undisclosed amount of money from an underground cash-counting area.

Authorities Monday released the names of the four slain guards: Todd Allen Wilson, 21, of Englewood; Scott Raymond McCarthy, 21, of Littleton; and Phillip Mankoff, 41, and William McCullom, 33, both of Aurora.

Officers found the bodies of Wilson, McCarthy and Mankoff after forcing their way into the security guard control room. Several hours later, they found the body of McCullom, the senior member of the team, locked inside a utility basement.

All the victims had been shot repeatedly, police said. Some were shot in the head.

The slain guards were unarmed because of a policy instituted by the bank's new ownership, Norwest Corp.