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Capsoft Development Corp. has announced the release of Version 1.4 of its products, CAPS/Author and CAPS/User. Most of the major changes in Version 1.4 relate to improved speed and more efficient use of memory.

Under Version 1.4, finished CAPS systems will run up to 100 percent faster than they did previously. In addition, large systems will run on machines with 10K-20K less base memory. Version 1.4 also includes several user-requested enhancements that simplify system development and that allow users to view changing variations of their documents as they make different input decisions.Capsoft Development Corp. is a world leader in computer assisted practice systems, user-generated software applications that gather information and assemble custom documents. Capsoft practice systems are currently being developed and used in a variety of businesses, law firms, law schools and legal clinics worldwide. Capsoft is privately held.