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School lunch prices in the Davis School District apparently will rise next year. So will breakfast prices.

The Davis School Board tentatively approved the price hikes, which would increase a school lunch by 17.6 percent for elementary students and 25 percent for secondary students.Lynn Trenbeath said the increases are needed to offset rising food and labor costs and decreasing federal reimbursements. "We're barely making it," she said.

In a May 31 letter to Davis School District Superintendent Rich Kendell, Trenbeath requested the price increases because:

- The food service budget needs a contingency fund, "which we have not had for quite some time.

"An enterprise fund should have a `rainy-day' contingency fund."

- Equipment needs are constant. "We have sparingly replaced old equipment, but year-round school needs and also increased enrollments put a hardship on already old equipment. Constant repairs have become more costly than new purchases," Trenbeath wrote.

- Cost of food is increasing. The school district does not receive as much USDA bonus commodities as it used to. "This increases the amount of food we must acquire."

- Labor costs continue to rise. "Health insurance benefits have been and continue to be a major increase," Trenbeath wrote.

Indeed, the proposed budget indicates a 13 percent increase in health insurance costs for food-service employees.

The higher school lunch and breakfast prices are expected to generate an additional $1 million next year, a 23 percent increase over the $4.5 million in meal sales in 1990-91.

The food service department's total budget, which cannot be subsidized by taxes, is a proposed $10.4 million for 1991-92.

Trenbeath said the meal price hikes are the first increases in two years.

Assuming an elementary student eats lunch 180 times a year, the new price will cost the student $27 more a year. It will cost a secondary student $45 more per year to eat school lunch.



Price increase

price increases tentatively approved by the Davis School Board:

Current Proposed Raises *


Elementary $0.85 $1.00 $542,000

Secondary 1.00 1.25 418,000

Adults 1.60 1.85 45,000


Youths .50 .60 $40,000

Adults .65 .75 5,500

*Figures are based on the number of meals sold in 1990-91 school year.