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Even though Pleasant Grove will probably end this year with a small deficit, the City Council hopes the newly approved budget will remedy the situation next year.

The council voted unanimously to accept the proposed 1991-92 budget, which includes a few increases, but mostly includes belt-tightening measures that are intended to put the city back in the black.K.A. Driggs, city budget/finance director, said auditors who looked through the city's financial records at the beginning of the year weren't pleased because some departments had been overfunded and others underfunded.

But he said with this year's budget, the city's "general fund will be about caught up" by budget time next year.

According to Driggs' calculations, the extra money will come from increases in sales taxes, franchise taxes and in the fees that Pleasant Grove receives for police and fire protection to smaller surrounding cities.

Also, mayor David Holdaway said everyone has been able to cut funding requests to the bare minimum so that the city could raise funding for a few programs.

"The department heads have been wonderful in cooperating with the budget process," Holdaway said. "The only reason we've been able to increase the budget in a few areas is through their generosity."

The areas that have received an increase include the new library, the horticulture department, the parks department and the police department.

The Pleasant Grove Police Department will use its increase to hire another officer, an addition that city officials are happy about and say has been needed for a long time.

One decrease in revenues is in the property tax category. Despite this drawback, City Council members seem confident that the new budget can protect the city from future financial difficulty.

Holdaway also said some money has been set aside to rework the city's master plan in order to facilitate economic development.