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Midway turns 100 Residents of Midway in Wasatch County braved rainy weather Saturday to celebrate the town's 100th birthday. Left, Kason Hills dumps rainwater from a tent before the start of children's games. Above, Jay Downs gives Connie Tatton and her children a ride in the type of transportation used a century ago, known then as a doctor's buggy or a "Mormon convertible." The Heber Valley was settled in 1859, and by 1866 there were two settlements in the area. The pioneers living in the two communities decided they'd be better protected from Indian attacks if they united. They chose a point midway between their settlements, naming the new town Midway. The converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Switzerland who settled Midway made cheese and butter, while their cows and other livestock roamed fields fenced with wild roses.