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Jonathan is an affectionate boy who loves attention. Born in September 1982, he likes to look at picture books, magazines and television. His favorite toys are stacking blocks and dolls. He also enjoys music and likes to dance.

Along with a history of neglect, Jonathan is challenged by moderate mental retardation, a seizure disorder and a hearing deficit. He attends a specialized school where he is learning shapes, colors, names of common objects and to recognize his name.Recently, Jonathan has begun making more sounds in an effort to communicate with members of his family. The sounds don't yet resemble real words, but he seems to know that there are ways to communicate with others. Jonathan uses sign language for a few words at school. He is also beginning to learn to use a simple communication board.

Jonathan is toilet trained but needs encouragement to go to the bathroom and help with his daily hygiene needs. He can undress himself and put on his underwear and is learning to put on his pants and shirt. He can't manage snaps, zippers or buttons.

He seems to prefer playing alone but is beginning to interact with other children. Except for looking at books and watching television, his attention span is very short. He has a problem with scratching himself, usually on his face, arms or ears but will stop when told to do so. He will continue to need special resources.

A two-parent family is needed to provide Jonathan with the love and attention he needs to continue to grow and learn. An adoption subsidy is available.