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M. Walker Wallace, Utah business and arts leader, has been named campaign chairman for the Utah Arts Endowment.

The Utah Arts Endowment is a coalition of 90 arts groups statewide who have come together to raise $4 million to match a $2.3 million grant approved by the Utah Legislature in 1990.In addition to Wallace, the UAE has named Gov. Norm Bangerter and Maestro Maurice Abravanel as honorary co-chairmen for the endowment campaign.

When UAE raises the matching money in behalf of the 90 groups involved, the state funds will be released through the Utah Arts Council and will form permanent endowments, enabling the participating organizations to receive annual returns from investments.

Wallace, chief executive officer of Wallace Associates Companies, has served the Utah arts community in many capacities. He recently received the Governor's 1991 Award in the Arts. He is also a skilled musician.

"I hope everyone understands how critical it is to provide endowment funds to the entire Utah arts community," he says of the UAE campaign. "These will be permanent funds and will help stabilize large and small groups alike. Utah is blessed with extraordinary arts resources, and we must see to it that they continue to grow and flourish. The endowment funds will permit them to do just that."

UAE is directed by a 20-member board of directors. A campaign committee to serve with Wallace is currently being formed.