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The latest "Project Rembrandt" exhibition is having its first showing here before traveling to three other cities. This is the eighth in this biennial juried program of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and its title is "Against the Odds."

The 23 finalists in the show represent a cross-section of the country - from Oregon to Massachusetts, New Mexico to Florida. Their works include painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and video. The multiple sclerosis society describes the works as "concrete proof of the `Project Rembrandt' credo: Disability is not synonymous with inability."The society says the program was established in 1983 "to bring increased visibility to professional American artists who share one common experience - multiple sclerosis." The type and level of disability of the exhibiting artists this year varies widely, from one painter who paints with her mouth to others who show no outward symptoms.

After its opening here at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.'s MetLife Gallery May 31-July 13, the exhibition will be in Chicago in August, San Francisco in October, and Miami in December. The tour is being funded by Pinch Scotch Whisky.