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Remarking that the labor movement is experiencing "new and renewed solidarity" among union members, Utah AFL-CIO president Ed Mayne welcomed more than 400 delegates to the organization's 35th annual convention Thursday morning.

"Solidarity is the perfect theme for our 35th annual convention. We survived the dark ages of the '80s, came out of those difficult times tempered, strong and true in our resolve to face the opportunities and challenges of the '90s," Mayne said.Mayne is seeking his fifth term as state president, a position he has held since 1977. Elected at age 31, he was the youngest state AFL-CIO president in the nation's history.

In addition to officer elections, the two-day convention at the Salt Lake Hilton will include a labor law update by AFL-CIO attorney Wally Sandack and Steve Bieringer, AFL-CIO Region XI director.

The convention concludes Friday.