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Saddam Hussein has dismissed his military chief of staff and military intelligence chief in the fourth major shakeup of his high command since November, diplomatic sources and published reports say.

The government-run Alef Baa weekly said Lt. Gen. Hussein Rashid, named chief of staff on Nov. 8, was replaced by Lt. Gen. Iyad Futiyeh al-Rawi, commander of the Republican Guard.Rashid negotiated the Iraqi capitulation in the Persian Gulf war.

The weekly gave no reason for the shuffle and did not say whether Rashid was given another post. His dismissal was puzzling because, like many in Saddam's inner circle, he comes from the president's hometown, Tikrit.

The Alef Baa disclosure came as diplomatic sources confirmed reports that Saddam early this month dismissed his chief of military intelligence, Maj. Gen. Wafiq Jassim Sammari, who was appointed only two months ago.

Allied military officers and senior Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq reported on Satuday that Sammari and other senior officers had been arrested for unspecified "anti-regime activities."

The sources said the new chief of military intelligence is Brig. Gen. Abdul-Khader Salman Khamis, a relative of Saddam from Tikrit. Khamis is a former Iraqi military attache in London.