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A condominium association that fingered a grandmother in a fuss over a public buss said Wednesday it had the wrong woman.

The controversy began when Helen "Kim" Garrett, a 51-year-old businesswoman, received a notice from the condo association threatening to fine her next time she was caught smooching in the driveway of her complex in Santa Ana, a city about 30 miles south of Los Angeles.The June 6 notice said she was "kissing and doing bad things for over 1 hour" in a car parked in front of the complex.

But on Wednesday, only hours after Garrett threatened a lawsuit, the condo association said Garrett wasn't the offending kisser after all.

The Town Square Owners Association said Garrett was named by mistake in the notice, which was posted on a public bulletin board as well as delivered to her mailbox.

The association issued its apology after Garrett, a grandmother of two, announced at a news conference that she would go to court if no apology was received in five days.

Garrett, a financial consultant, denied the allegation from the start, saying she was only dropped off in the driveway by a man who left the engine running while the two said goodnight and kissed. He left in less than three minutes, she said.

Garrett said Wednesday she tried to talk with the condo's management company and association board members within a few days after the notice was issued. But she said her calls were never returned and she "got no results" from the residents on the board.