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The governing coalition is threatening to press criminal charges against ex-President Daniel Ortega for allegedly fomenting a wave of unrest by Sandinista sympathizers.

Backers of the former regime have seized at least six city halls and four radio stations this week to protest government moves to repeal laws that allowed Ortega and thousands of other Sandinistas to enrich themselves.The Interior Ministry also reported a rash of anti-government bombings on Wednesday that it said caused some damage but no serious injuries.

"These events that have shaken up public opinion . . . are a wave of violence that practically borders on terrorism," said Interior Minister Carlos Hurtado.

In addition, someone tossed a bomb at a pro-Sandinista radio station, Radio Ya. Broadcaster Silvio Rodriguez said damage was minor.

The property given to Sandinista supporters in many cases had been confiscated from their opponents.

Barricada, the Sandinista Front newspaper, said Ortega would meet with Minister of the Presidency Antonio Lacayo, who just returned from Washington.

The assembly is expected to vote within three weeks on revoking two laws that gave state-controlled land, houses and other property to thousands of Sandinistas before they left office last spring.

Ortega on Wednesday warned that repeal would bring retribution. He threatened at a news conference to "present the bill" - Nicaraguan slang for a death threat - to governing coalition deputies in the National Assembly.

"The (Sandinistas) and all honest Nicaraguans have the unavoidable obligation to put a stop to this dangerous maneuvering before the vengeful ones launch us again into a war that nobody wants and which we must avoid," he said.